Home News Autopsy Reveals Gruesome Deaths of 6 Men Who Died in Tsavo

Autopsy Reveals Gruesome Deaths of 6 Men Who Died in Tsavo


The postmortem results of the six dead bodies that were found abandoned at Tsavo West National park has been completed.

Hussein Khalid, an executive director at Haki Africa indicated that the six were tortured before they were murdered according to the autopsy results.

“The results show the five men were strangled to death, they still had ropes around their necks,” the Haki Africa director stated.

One of the bodies discovered in the thicket on Tuesday March 26, 2019.

“Others had paper bag used to suffocate them. The other one died from an acid attack,” he added.

The postmortem was conducted at Nairobi City Mortuary after the bodies were transferred from Makindu Hospital.

The bodies were discovered decomposing at Kanga area in Tsavo Forest following a search by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers.

Rangers Mark Lesidio and James Simiti revealed while they were patrolling Tsavo West National Park, they smelt a stench emanating from a section of the forest and so they decided to probe further.

DNA results have not been completed, they are expected to take two to four weeks for the families to identify their kin.

The samples have been taken to a Government chemist, where they will be tested.