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Rich Couple Battles to Keep Child From Poor Mother


In an intriguing adoption case where a wealthy couple from Karen, Nairobi have gone to court trying to get back a 4-year-old boy.

The police had earlier raided the couple’s home, taken away the boy and returned him to his original family in Meru.

This was the first time the mother was seeing her son in the last four years after the child was taken away aged six days.

A photo of Meru Town where TTs grandfather resides.

It is claimed that the baby had been forcefully taken from his biological mother only six days after birth. It had been registered as “abandoned” after she was arrested for allegedly neglecting the child.

Despite her pleas on her ability to raise her child, the High Court went ahead and gave away the baby.

The grandfather went to court after his daughter was denied custody of the child. On Saturday, March 30, six police officers from the Nkubu Police Station raided the home where TT was living with his foster parents and took him to Meru County.

TTs biological mother has also been named as a respondent in the court case.

In this case, TTs mother who lived in Kibera at the time of the incident claimed that she had gone to the shop when she was accused of leaving the child unattended.

She was arrested, charged with child neglect and remanded at Langa’ta Women Prison for close to nine months.

It was during her incarceration that the child was given away for adoption.

While adoption is not supposed to take place when family members are willing to take care of the baby, TT’s case is expected to shed some light on the legality of forced adoptions.

The battle for the child identified as “baby TT” has seen the foster parents head to the High Court to have an earlier order obtained by the child’s grandfather giving him full custody of the child quashed.


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