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Theresa May is jetting to Brussels tonight for another humiliating performance to 27 leaders of the EU.

In a conference room dubbed “the space egg” in EU HQ, she beg for a short delay to Brexit because we don’t have a plan.

But fed-up EU leaders are likely to rebuff her and demand a much longer extension.

And France’s Emmanuel Macron could lead a hardline bid to make things much more difficult for the UK.

If talks collapse tonight, it’s barely 48 hours until we crash out of the EU without a deal.

After a last-minute dash to Paris and Berlin yesterday, she’s asking EU chiefs to delay Brexit from April 12 to June 30.

But EU Council President Donald Tusk brutally rebuffed her demand – and instead recommended a “flexible extension” of up to a year.

EU leaders will then gather from 4pm UK time for talks with European Parliament president Antonio Tajani, before hearing from Mrs May.

They will then eat dinner without her to agree how long that extension should be.

Unless there’s a nuclear-scale breakdown tonight, Brexit will delayed – but the massive question is for how long.

A press conference with Mrs May is likely to be held late tonight before MPs are updated on Thursday