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Ruto is a Pathological liar: ODM says


According to a letter sent by the ODM Secretariat Dr William Ruto could have told a whole bunch of lies when he appeared in the Royal media owned citizen  TV in an interview conducted by Hussein Mohammed last night .

According to the letter by the party secretary Edwin Sifuna Ruto turned up for the interview with no agenda other than tinting the ODM party and its leader Hon Raila Amollo Odinga.

Below reads the letter

APRIL 19TH 2019

Under ordinary circumstances, right thinking people would never be constrained to reply to a pathological liar with an almost deranged mentality like William Ruto. But these are no ordinary times, and William Ruto, as is well known, is currently the country’s biggest burden, both on the national conscience, and in the literal sense.

On a TV show last night, Ruto made a myriad of accusations against The ODM Party, and our Party Leader which cannot be left unchallenged.

Among these lies was that the Rt Hon Raila Odinga approached him four times prior to the famous handshake for purposes he did not disclose. This would be laughable if the accusation didn’t raise such grave concerns.

Four things should immediately be clear about this, even before we respond;

1. The President has round the clock access to intelligence briefings, and would have known if any of the purported approaches had happened.
2. Rt. Hon Raila Odinga had ran in the 2017 elections against President Uhuru Kenyatta, not Deputy President William Ruto. There would be no logic at all in Rt. Hon Odinga making approaches to a Deputy President.
3. The history of Rt. Hon Raila Odinga and William Ruto, since the grand coalition government days, is well known, and even if Ruto was the last human being left standing in this land, the Rt. Hon Odinga would much rather make a deal with the birds and trees, but not a character like William Ruto.
4. Ruto’s string of lies and denials – which he later owns up to when cornered – are well documented. It is only a visitor to Kenya that would not recall the Muteshi land saga and Weston Hotel ownership denials.

Having said that, it is important to lay out the facts in their naked form.

William Ruto first sent feelers to the Rt Hon Raila Odinga through his foul-mouthed friend Oscar Sudi. This contact was made through a member of staff at Rt Hon Odinga office in Capitol Hill. Ruto knows the details.

It is a poorly kept secret in the Ruto entourage that Ruto and his supporters see the President as a man who is not in charge, and that they can do a better job than him. Ruto’s message via Sudi was that he was the one in charge of the country and he wanted Mr. Odinga to work with him.

Rt Hon Odinga asked his staff member to stop further contact with Oscar Sudi on learning what Ruto was up to.
But Ruto would not relent. He soon sent a female former powerful Cabinet Minister from the Rift Valley to Rt Hon Odinga’s home, with the same proposal to help tame “Uhuru and his people”. The said former Cabinet minister was to attempt this mission on at least 4 occasions. All these attempts were rejected.

Indeed, during the interview, Ruto was asked why, even after he purportedly alerted the President about the so called approach by Rt Hon Odinga, the President still went ahead to shake hands with Hon Odinga. In a rare moment where Ruto’s lying mouth was caught telling the truth, he replied that the President had greater access to intelligence and information, and may have acted based on that. Oh yes, the President had much more information, and was much more in charge, than Ruto and his acolytes wanted to believe.

William Ruto is the face of blackmail in high places. He has specialized in blackmailing Kikuyu masses living in the Rift Valley, to gain a way to the Presidency. He attempted to sell the narrative of “finishing our common enemy” to Hon Raila Odinga, who declined the offer. Now he wants to blackmail both Rt Hon Odinga and the President at the same time!

Secondly, in a stunning revelation of who he truly is Ruto stated that corruption cannot stop development. We are yet to find a planet where you steal money meant for dams, roads, schools and fertilizer factories, and expect them to be built. The fact that Ruto is a thief with no remorse, a blackmailer with no shame, a rich man without working for it, should worry the entire country. For him really there is nothing wrong with corruption and we should learn to live with it. Since President Kenyatta launched his unrelenting war on corruption, Ruto has done all he could to undermine efforts of state agencies mandated with investigating, prosecuting and punishing the vice. Directly at times and through sidekicks, the Deputy President has launched an attack after the institutions such as the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Judiciary. Hiding under blanket on ethnic communities, Ruto has time and again accused these institutions of ethnic profiling and selective investigation and prosecution.

Lastly he also falsely claimed to have been at the center of the Kanu and NDP Merger negotiations. He was not. He was a peripheral player who knew little about the discussions. His attempt to portray himself as smarter than President Uhuru, with an ability to sniff out political cons, which ability he claims the President does not possess is further indicative of how little he respects his boss. This is why he is the greatest enemy of the Handshake and desperately wants to see it fail. We once again advise him to raise his objections with his boss and stop his obsession with our Party Leader.

We advise William Ruto to look in the mirror and deal with his many ghosts. The biggest enemy to William Ruto is William Ruto, who also happens to be the biggest impediment to sustainable peace and security in the great country called Kenya.

We must ask the President to be careful, for he has a dragon for Deputy, one who is not averse to eating everyone at the table, to get to power. We also advice Ruto that his politics of division and hatred, chaos and threats of violence, blackmail and tribal divisions, no longer appeal to the masses.

We ask the public to treat these blatant lies with the contempt they deserve and not to tire from demanding for acceleration of the war on corruption and specifically the arrest and prosecution of the High Priest of corruption himself.

Edwin Sifuna

Copied as is

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