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Students Invent IED Detector for KDF


An IED detector invention by three St Thomas Girls Secondary school in Kilifi girls has attracted the attention of senior KDF bosses.

A team from KDF headquarters in Nairobi flew to Kilifi in two military helicopters to check out the viability of the innovation.

The IED detector vehicle prototype.

Led by Major General Ayub Matiiri, the team acknowledged the innovation by the girls.

The innovation was part of a science project reportedly developed by three students Rebeca Dzidia, Susan Mutai, Swabra Kadzo (Form Three) and Jemima Safina (Form Two).

The students worked with the help of their Physics and Chemistry teachers Mr Egan Baya and Mr Boniface Keya.

“Major General Matiiri visited ACK St. Thomas Girls secondary school to witness the technology behind the car modified into an IED detector and its applicability in the field for security operations,” a statement by KDF indicated.

The IED detector vehicle prototype is designed to offer surveillance capability with unique components including, a warning system, mirrors and cameras, night visual devices, radar proximity sensors, bomb detecting systems, a display unit and power system.

“The vehicle can detect IEDs lying 5.6Km away and it is able to travel at night without using the driving lights,” Mutai, one of the innovators, stated.

“There is no limit to your ability and no problem without a solution if we continue to think harder and deeper,” Major General Matiri asserted.

The IED detector vehicle prototype.

According to the innovators, once an IED has been detected, the bomb detector sounds an alarm and spreads its sensor windows to send signals to incoming vehicles.

“We came here after seeing in the media girls in Kilifi have science project which can detect bombs and it is a worthy project. We are impressed by their skills and innovation.

“We have come to the school to have a look after the project and we are taking back the report but we will visit the school again,” General Matiiri added.

Below is a video of the visit by the KDF bosses.