Home News Waititu is your father:DNA confirmed

Waititu is your father:DNA confirmed


Have you ever wondered if your father is your real Dad, if ever in doubt its always good to confirm and clear your doubts most people have lived in such situations while others have taken board steps and confirmed their DNA and in most cases shock is what the results  brings forth.

Well that is neither here nor there the big question is should the Kiambu people confirm is Waititi sorry waititu is their real father i mean is Ferdinard Ndungu Waititu aka Clifford Waititu Ndungu their baba yao ?

Do they need to confirm the DNA at this juncture, does Waititu represent a real dad these are questions that can only be answered if one took a development tour of the rich county of kiambu which is home to the countries President Uhuru Kenyatta.

some ground check on Waititus development score card would place him some strides ahead of his predecessor Hon  William Kabogo who lost to Waititu in the last general elections though still much is needed from him.

The people of kiambu choose him and dropped me so even if the shout on top of their voices kaba Kabogo that would not help, choices have consequence.” Hon William Kabogo’

Waititus way of governance in the past few years  as the county boss  has been full of  praise,criticism, iron and has from time to time been a topic of discussion online

The Kaba Kabogo slogan has also been sneaking into this mans palace and sometimes threw  the kiambu county daddy off balance, but still most of his county people believe he is their real father sealed and confirmed by DNA.

Much can be said about the never seen as sober father of Kaa sober initiative and alot may not get to his electorates but the recent video of babayao inspecting a children guard of honour may not be put in the history shelves soon.

To the people of Kiambu BABA YAO is BABA YENU  (he is yourfather)

Confirmed DNA.