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Parents of a Moi Girls high school day dreaming student sues the school.


A parent has sued Moi Girls School, Nairobi, for suspending his daughter from school for allegedly daydreaming.

The parent said he was called on January 21, 2019 by the school Secretary to pick his daughter from the institution on the grounds that she was involved in an incident of ¸indiscipline during lessons.

“That on arrival I met the principle secretary at the school compound in the company of a counselor who told me that the minor was dreaming in class and left the class in a hurry,’’ read the court papers.

He argued that, without any justification, the secretary and counselor insisted that he take the girl home and organize to take her to the Kenyatta National Hospital Youth Centre for counselling.

He further claimed that, upon inquiry, he learnt that the students were left unattended on the material day as the teachers were in a staff meeting during class hours.

“It was alleged that the minor was daydreaming when she woke up to shouting by fellow students causing her great distress, shock and confusion, compelling her to leave the classroom,” added the affidavit.