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Uhuru need Kenyans support on fight against corruption-Kabogo


By Ochieng Odhiambo

Ex-Kiambu governor William Kabogo now wants Kenyans to join Uhuru on the fight against corruption across the Country.

Kabogo states that the investigative agencies shouldn’t just be issuing statements on what they are doing but they should prosecute those who are stealing public money.

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Speaking to Newsline.co.ke, Kabogo notes that corruption has eroded the moral values of Kenyans.

“The investigative agencies know who has stolen what and this issue of just telling us stories won’t be tolerated, recently you saw they have even stolen Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology land, this is the time they should arrest those cartels,” he said.

The former states that the vice has the potential to wipe out the entire nation and brings a lazy generation that won’t bother to work for themselves.

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“Let take the fight against corruption seriously, it may wipe out the whole nation, leaders that we elect are only interested with power to enhance self-enrichment through fraudulent deals, “he said.

He pointed out that a majority of the Kenyan leaders have been seeking leadership positions with an aim of looting public coffers instead of serving the subjecting millions of people into abject poverty.

Kabogo has been leading voice in the anti-graft crusade, he has severally cautioned fellow politicians against ethnicizing and politicizing the war against corruption.

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“I plead with you my fellow citizens of ROK, let’s all rise up together as a nation and fight against corruption. It is like cancer if we don’t win against it, then it is a matter of time before it wipes out the entire nation like never before,” he said.

The appeal comes in the wake of a section of Rift Valley leaders claiming that the war against graft is targeting leaders from a particular community in the region.

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Nandi Governor Stephen Sang and MPs Oscar Sudi (Kapseret) and Caleb Kositany (Soy) — without backing their claims with any evidence — said the anti-corruption fight was no longer objective but had been weaponized to deny some regions major development projects.

While also speaking to a local TV station, Kabogo also said that the realization of big 4 agenda will not be tenable due to high cases of corruption.

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“Uluru’s big 4 agenda might not be realistic due to high cases of corruption,he shouldn’t spare anyone including his close allies,” kabogo said.

He challenged all MPs to join hands and objectively conduct oversight on government projects, blow the whistle when there is a scandal regardless of who the suspects are and their affiliation.

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“To win this war we must ensure we conduct serious oversight and wade away culprits who seek to benefit through pilferage of resources,” he said.

The head of state had earlier stated that the fight on corruption is meant to streamline the institution across the Country.

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Uhuru said that no one including his family members or political allies will be spared.

“I will not spare anyone on the fight against corruption in the Country, whether a family member or close political allies,” he said.