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Kobujoi Police Station Multi-Bet Loss


Thieves broke into the armoury at Kobujoi Police Station, Nandi County, as officers on duty were watching Champions League match pitting Barcelona against Manchester United on Tuesday night.

Reports indicated that the thieves managed to get away with three rifles and a cache of ammunition during the raid.

According to reports by Newsline.co.ke, each of the three rifles had 20 rounds of ammunition.

Image of police officers on patrol | File Photo

The officers assigned to man the station during night duty were allegedly deeply engaged in the Champions League quarter-final match at a nearby town centre.

It was after the match – which ended in favour of Barcelona, that the officers made their way to the station’s precinct only to find the officer in charge’s office wide open.

They immediately figured out what had happened as the senior officer’s office also served as the main armoury at the station.

Upon closer inspection of the ransacked station, the officers realized that the thieves had left behind two magazines with 17 and 20 rounds respectively.

The police have since stepped up their manhunt for the suspects in a bid to recover the stolen gear.

Reports stated that Nandi South police boss alongside other regional security heads made their way to the scene of the crime to assess the actual damage.

Barcelona vs Manchester Utd on April 16, 2019