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God exposes Sonkos P.R stunt

Sonko is know as a  fast and furious guy  especially when it comes to fixing issues when there is a public outcry and was just the other day branded as a good will ambassador for his good deads

He recently visited the starving Turkana people with bails of Unga, cooking oil and some assorted relief. But would his actions be termed as pure PR and nothing to show ?

This is what the Nairobi people feel after the heavy downpour that has left many stranded and motorists left to wade in sewage water after most manholes bursted

Earlier during his updates on social media sonko can be quoted  assuring Nairobians of having unclogged the sewer lines and drainage systems,but is this true

Has heaven exposed sonkos PR 

According to some Nairobians sonko is just a stunt master who needs to be casted   in Nairobi half life part two with the sole instructions of redicuring those who entrusted him with the kenyan capital.


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