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Murang’a: ‘Dead’ man calls Radio station to confess.


A middle aged man from Muranga county has kept million Kenyans in suspence.

The man called Radio Jambo a few days during a popular programme dubbed Tomboa Siri show hosted by Gidi The man disclosed he went to Ethiopia for CCTV installation job a year back. And  after his contract ended, the man came back to Kenya but went to live with his mpango wa kando.

All thia time His wife still believed the husband was still in Ethiopia.

After months the man informed the wife that he would be returning to Kenya on March 10. This was a pure lie as the man was still holed up in Nairobi.

As fate would have it, the said date coincided with the Ethiopian Airline crash that killed all the all the souls onboard. Back home the family believed their son, father, husband and brother perished in that crash. A Funeral was arranged and as customs dictates a banana trunk was buried. His wife and children were forces  re-locate to the village as the family bread winner was no more.

The ‘dead man’ still cohabiting with his side chick was still getting updates of what was happening through social media. I believe getting photos of your tomb and a cross with your names inscribed is the worst night mare.

After leaving a lie to a while now the man decides  to call the radio host to help him get back to his family who already moved on knowing he was no more.

Below the mans conversation with the radio host

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