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Man Confess To Radio Jambo How He Sleeps With A Banana Plant To Avoid Getting AIDS


By Ochieng Odhiambo

A middle-aged man has astonished Kenyans after making a weird confession on Radio Jambo on “Tomboa Siri” show.

He states that he was much stressed when his uncle died of HIV/AIDs and it’s from then that he vowed never to date a lady.

Due to this, he improvised his own mean to satisfy his sexual desires by inventing a hole in a banana stem.

” I decided not to risk dying of AIDS by sleeping with a banana plant. All I do is drill a hole and pour hot water into the banana stem before fulfilling my sexual pleasures. I will never marry because all that people marry for, I get from the banana stem,” said the man.

The 27-year-old man further said that his parents have been begging him to marry but he will never do so, as he gets everything from the banana stem.

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Maajabu haya! Men, would you do such weird acts in the name of preventing yourself from contracting HIV? This man seems to be suffering from a rare mental illness.

Anyway, I know abstaining from sex is one of the most difficult things for men to do. The best way to avoid contracting the diseases is by engaging in protected sex. Always use protective gear!