Home GOSSIPS The Day Conman plotted Rev Wangunjiri’s Death,God Intervened

The Day Conman plotted Rev Wangunjiri’s Death,God Intervened


All that is done in the darkness always explode on daylight, five months ago, a furious man from Kiambu confessed to Rev Wangunjiri how he was looking for a gun to kill her because someone was extorting his family money claiming she is Wangunjiri.

It took God’s intervention that the family realized that the con was just an imposter who was using her name to earn a living.


Evangelist Wangunjiri runs Prayers Beyond Boundaries Ministries at Ngara, Nairobi and a gospel show on Kameme FM.

The family fell victim of a woman identified as Winnie Muthoni Munga who would threaten the family to send her money failure would have harmed the whole family.

The lady further had claimed that the money was meant to help the Rev family after Wangunjiri left them for a wealthy Nairobi politician.


Muthoni, the con asked them to assist the family. Their sister who lives abroad gave Muthoni Sh200, 000.

“When I got wind of the extortionists using my name I urged the victim family to report to police. We met at Pangani Police Station and they are relative even refused to shake hands with me only later to tell me he was planning to kill me thinking I was the person who brought sorrow and anguish to their lives” Wangunjiri said.