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Is Pastor Nga’ng’a of Neno evangelism loosing his ‘nuts’?


As the Christian states, when the spirit gets down, you are left with no option but to deliver the message and exactly this is what happened to pastor Ngang’ a of Neno Evangelism Centre had to do.

He had a message to those bishops who disrespect his wife. He was very bitter as he couldn’t control himself and he forced by emotions throw unprintable words that a man of God isn’t supposed to utter to his spiritual sons and daughters.

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Pastor Ngan’ga and his wife

“If you won’t respect my wife i will bring you down even if we circumcised the same day, i have made you rich, you are stupid, arrogant,i won’t serve you if you won’t follow my law, you are takataka,I’m Neno and founder of this church,you can’t circumcise me,”he said.

In an undated video circulating online and believed to be recorded in his church shows the bishop being very bitter.Ngang’a is seen abusing his congregation warning them it won’t take long before he chases them away.

“Bishop yeyote Kwa hii church ambaye hata mheshimu mke wangu atanitambua ata kama turitahiri na yeye”.the bishop states.

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Pastor Ngang’a and Wife

Here is the full video: