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Ex-Governor Tells Waititu To Mind Own Business


Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has warned incumbent Governor Ferdinand Waititu against playing dirty games using his name.

On facebook, post-Kabogo urged Waititu against mentioning his name whenever he gots an opportunity to get on radio or television.

The former stated that he has nothing to do with Waititu woes as he has inflicted his own wounds and therefore he (Waititu) should carry his own cross.


“Bwana Waititi STOP mentioning my name at every opportunity you get on radio and media. I’ve nothing to do with your probs (sic), those are self-inflicted wounds. Beba Mzigo Wako peke yako au na wale mliokula nao(Carry your own cross and that of those who you squandered public funds with). I sympathize but can’t help you. Stop shadow boxing,” reads Kabogo’s post.

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Over the last three months, Waititu has been facing crime allegation charges involving misappropriation of public funds.

A few weeks ago, the governor was arrested alongside her daughter and close associates after the auditor general report exposed that  Waitutu may have allocated budgets for functions unrelated to Kiambu.


According to the county statement, Kiambu allocated Sh973 million for State House Affairs (Co-ordination of State House functions).

The most puzzling expenditure cited in the report was Sh58 million allocated by the Kiambu government to peacekeeping in South Sudan.

Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) took away the outspoken county boss after more than six hours of interrogation and search at his Runda home.

The detectives carted away files and records relating to contracts issued by Mr. Waititu’s administration.

They also confiscated and carried away some number plates which were found in the boot of his Toyota Prado.

Waititu has accused his opponent of targeting him due to his close association with deputy president William Ruto who has declared interest for 2022 presidency.