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End of Road for Livestock thief


Residents of Kagumo Village in Othaya Subcounty of the larger Nyeri County woke up today a happy lot. This is after a long time livestock thief was intercepted by police officers. Police officers from Muthinga Police post in Tetu Constituency laid an ambush after several residents complained of lost livestock.

Early this year,the suspect while on a mission to steal chickens from a neighbor’s homestead belonging to a retired teacher accidentally  dropped his phone which he was using as a torch and escaped. Incidentally the getaway boda boda rider called the dropped phone asking why it has taken him that wrong. Since then the livestock thief only known as Ndiritu has been on runaway until today morning.

During the arrest, seven goats were recovered from the hideout. The suspect was handed over to Witima Police Station in Othaya Subcounty. Residents are advised to visit the police station to identify their lost livestock.