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Celebrating Entrepreneurs – Jeici Safaris

In September 2018, Joseph Mathenge Gathobia decided to put a life-long dream of his into reality. The tourism industry-particularly tours had fascinated him and it was about time. Having worked outside Kenya had revealed the great potential in the industry.
“I have learned over the years that the tourism sector in Kenya is growing at a very high rate,” says Mathenge. “While working outside the country I have met friends who expressed interest to visit our motherland as tourists and this inspired me to venture into business,” he said.
Born and raised in Kagumo village in Othaya Sub-county, Mr. Mathenge registered Jeici Safaris The company offers-Flight booking, Visa applications, Hotel booking, Car hire as well as Events planning.
Jeici Safaris Founder Joseph Mathenge
As a start-up, he was aware of the challenges most young businesses must confront, and the key to overcoming the hurdles would depend foremost on a passionate and qualified workforce. “I have a staff complement of six members,” he reports. “During selection, I insisted on integrity and passion for work. These are factors that determine success especially in the service industry. Clients want to know that they can trust us. We are vibrant and committed I am fortunate to be working with such a group.”
The ambitious and youthful businessman is confident that Jeici Safaris will be a leading tour company in the next few years. The past nine months have been a time of learning, and also growth. “I am happy with our progress. My plan is to put all effort in this business to the point that it will be the company of choice for tourists-both local and international.”
Jeici Safaris team
When relaxing from business affairs, or his day job Mathenge loves watching and playing football. And what would he like to advise young people who want to venture into business? “Follow your heart and the direction of your dreams. If you do what you love, you are able to overcome any challenges you might encounter. “
“I insisted on integrity and passion for work. These are factors that determine success .” ~ Joseph Mathenge
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