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Ex-Governor Offers Advice On Referendum Debate


Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has called for the implementation of the one-man one-vote system if the  Constitutional amendment is to happen.

Speaking to Newsline.co.ke,kabogo further stated that it is also unfair to equate a constituency with 20,000 voters with one that has 150,000 voters giving an example of Ijaara and Ruiru.

“If we must change and or amend the constitution, Whatever it is we must/ shall implement a one man one vote system,” Kabogo noted.

He noted that the raging debate on whether to change the constitution shouldn’t matter for now, adding that Kenyans interests should be championed first.

ODM party leader Raila Odinga (right) chats with secretary general Edwin Sifuna (C) and chairman John Mbandi.

“Leaders should first think about Wanjiku and how he/she will be empowered but this issue of punguza ama ongeza shouldn’t rise, for now, let all unite and build Kenya through unity and peace,” he said.

The debate between Building Bridges and the Punguza  Mizigo initiatives in the country is ongoing.

The BBI was formed after the famous handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader, Raila Odingawhile, on the other hand, there is the proposal by Ekuru Aukot’s Thirdway Alliance Party.

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Earlier,ODM had called on Kenyans to reject the Punguza Mizigo Initiative and await the report of the Building Bridges Initiative where they will have a chance to debate the proposals before they are translated into a Constitutional Amendment Bill if any.

“It is also critical to point out that constitution-making or amendment must always be people-driven and result from the widest possible consultations with Kenyans of all walks of life which third way did not bother to attempt.”ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna said.

The party said it has taken time to study the Bill and has found it “problematic as it undermines the spirit of the very Constitution it seeks to amend”.