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German Shepherd ‘Teaches’ Thief a Serious Lesson and Saves Owner’s Property


German shepherd dogs, originally bred to herd sheep, are one of the most loyal and best guard dog breeds that will protect their master from harm till the very end.

Their intelligence, courage, balanced temperament, and ability to follow instruction, coupled with their innate loyalty and protective instincts, made them a favorite breed for police and military work.


A few years ago in 2017, a robber had initially thought a house was an easy target with the family away but soon realized just how wrong he was upon breaking in. A German shepherd was there guarding the home.

When the family returned to their Ashbrooke home that night on Aug. 10, 2017, they discovered a gruesome scene—the walls and floors of their home were marked with blood almost everywhere.

Apparently, the family’s guard dog had dealt the would-be robber a serious lesson before the injured thief managed to escape, minus the loot.


“My dog, he’s a pretty big dog, it’s a larger German shepherd,” Murrin said of his dog, but added that Oden is gentle towards children.