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Exposed: Sex Scandal Rocks Prophet Owuor’s Church


A storm is brewing in prophet Owour’s church after a bishop identified as Joseph Gitonga is accused of sexually assaulting church members.

According to reports by The Star Newspaper, several women alleged that he had been having sexual relations with them.

Bishop Joseph Gitonga — Owuor’s long-term personal assistant and head of security — has since been expelled from the church.

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Prophet Owour

“This is an official communication that you Joseph Gitonga are forthwith excommunicated from the glorious Ministry of Repentance and Holiness with immediate effect together with your family and you are not allowed to congregate with this holy ministry of the Lord,” reads a notice authored by senior archbishop John Linda.

The prophet intervened in the matter after some members of the Kasarani church complained to him about  Gitonga’s alleged actions.

Sexual harassment and other forms of abuse have become rampant in society.

Bishop Gitonga who is accused of sexually assaulting Women

According to a psychologist, Phyllis Karugu, those who have gone through hell at the hands of pastors must be encouraged to report to the police for legal action and psychological support.

In her opinion, Phyllis states that Churches are expected to be holy sanctuaries providing spiritual nourishment but not take advantage of the susceptibility of their flock.

“Whenever people feel weighed down, they turn to the church. However, more often than not, we have seen pastors taking advantage of their faithful,” she states.