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Kenyan Diaspora Karen Gitau To Vie For Council Seat In Kennesaw GA


It takes great courage, determination, and confidence to decide to vie for a public post BUT when one has a devotion and determination to make things happen, to take the initiative and accept responsibilities to serve people, then we have an outright true leader.

Karen Gitau who is Vying for a City Council seat in Kennesaw possesses all that and more so, she is no new to Community participation.

She was a nominee during the 6th Annual Cobb County Community Service Awards hosted by Commissioner Bob Weatherford .

The annual awards is a ceremony that celebrates individuals and organizations that promotes and improves the welfare of people within Cobb County.

Karen through Global Media Outreach assist  people to find comfort in Christianity and those in situations such as abusive marriage, suicidal thoughts; controlled substance abuse, depression, homelessness, and alcoholism.

She also has worked as a Sunday school teacher and has been a voluntary worker for kids with Special Needs.

Through her business, she has over the years been donating free supplies to Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in Kennesaw.

Karen has written a book about helping and that alone, can crown that, this lady is a true philanthropist and such are the true leaders needed most to improve the welfare of many Americans.

By Diaspora Messenger