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Celebrating Entrepreneurs – Lens Queen Photography


After clearing her college studies at Kenya School of Government, Emmah Wahu tried securing a job like every other graduate with no success. Born in Kirinyaga County, Emmah sent her Curriculum Vitae and testimonials to all potential employers she could think of with no success.

“I had taken a course in Social Work hoping to secure a job after graduation. I looked for a job in vain. I then decided to start up a business and since I loved photography, I thought why not try to commercialize my passion. Lens Queen Photography opened its doors in February 2019.” Emmah told our Newsline.co.ke reporter.

Lighting Equipment at Lens Queen Studios along Swaleh Nguru Rd in Mombasa Town.

“Starting up was not easy as photography is not all about taking photos but taking quality photos. Most of the professional photography equipment are not available locally and are quite expensive. With help from some friends, I shipped in some equipment and bought some locally in shops in Nairobi. It was challenging learning to use the lighting equipment to give that perfect shot.” Emmah Continued.

Most of newly business startups fail because of lack of marketing strategy. Our reporter asked for the secret behind Lens Queen Success. “When we started, being new in the market, we talked to our friends on what we were offering. Our first client was my best friend Jacky and her husband. I thought I did a good job but looking at those pictures, compared to what I have now, it was bad.” Emmah disclosed to our reporter.










We shot our first wedding photography in June 2019.

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