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Xenophobic attacks;Eye Witness accuse Tanzanians of Fueling Woes,Defends Nigerians-Video


An eye witness in Pretoria South Africa has come out to explain that the Xenophobic attacks were ignited by Tanzanians who were robbing locals of their goods such as money and Laptops.

A video circulating online shows the man who is explaining to th journalist of what happened noting that the earlier bad reputation of Nigerians with drug tag is being used to hide the reality by the media.


He states that the alleged Tanzanian Nationals do drug trafficking in South Africa’s town and rob people.

Dozens of foreign nationals have been affected in the latest spate of attacks with Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs saying two Kenyans are among foreign nationals affected.

Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma said however assured in a stamen released on Wednesday that they were in contact with the Pretoria-based High Commission to ensure the safety of Kenyans residing in the South African nation.

Amnesty International has attributed the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa to years of impunity and failure in the criminal justice system that have left vulnerable groups exposed and unprotected.

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Executive Director of Amnesty International South Africa, Shenilla Mohamed, in a statement on Thursday, condemned the attacks targeting foreigners urging South African authorities to stop “fueling xenophobia” through what she termed as desperate attempt to win political support.

She faulted the South African Government for allegedly failing to address past violent attacks against foreigners.

“South African authorities cannot say that they didn’t see this rampant violence coming. For many years, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants have been targeted for who they are and what they look like. They have also served as convenient scapegoats for unscrupulous politicians who have pushed the insidious narrative that foreign nationals have stolen jobs and are to blame for everything that is going wrong in the country,” Mohamed stated.



“The first major outbreak of xenophobic violence witnessed more than 11 years ago which resulted in the killing of more than 60 people, should have been a wake-up call for the authorities to root out hatred against refugees and migrants and hold those responsible to account. Their lack of action has resulted in the subsequent and recurring attacks we’ve seen,” she added.