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Sphere World Security Limited: A Transnational Catalyst in community policing


In today’s world of technology, we are witnessing the innovation every single day. The world is approaching its digital age, and everything and everyone is opting for the digital environment.

In Kenya, the private security industry has exploited the emerging trends of the tracking system using phones and the cloud system.

According to Sphere world  Security Limited Managing Director Mr.Martin Munyua, the Security firms have experienced exponential growth with hundred of Kenyans securing job opportunities.


Mr. Munyua states that tracking habits are catalyzed by the high level of criminal activities and the inability of public security services to provide adequate protection.

He adds that Sphere world Limited provides corporate guarding, VIP protection, security training, and installation of security systems such as CCTV and alarms.

“Our investigation services include Corporate, Brands and counterfeit, infidelity investigations, Financial crimes, Data recovery, cybercrime, Background check, asset tracing, litigation support, process serving, concealed carry training, as well as other private investigation related services,” he said.

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Mr. Munyua state that the company has built its reputation in investigating infidelity issues as they have been very rampant across the Country.

“Due to insecurity in marriages, mobile tracker applications are installed on a phone for tracking and spying purposes. They can record keystrokes, conversations, or even the actual GPS location of the phone,” he said.

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He adds that the surveillance by a professional investigator is safer, more thorough, and more objective than anything you can track with software.

“We at Sphereworld, We have professional and highly experienced Private Investigators in most Counties, Cities, and Towns in Kenya, which means that we can assist you wherever and whatever the case may be,” he said.

He adds, “If you require a private investigation to be carried out abroad but don’t want the hassle of finding and briefing a foreign private investigator then you can take advantage of our International Investigations Services,”

He adds that there are different ways by which people can you can keep tracks of the activities undertaken by their friends and employees.

Others private security investigators in the Country include Silverdge which has been n the market for years.

According to their website, they state that they are leading Private investigators Agency in Kenya.

“SEPI services include; Corporate investigation, Infidelity investigation, Surveillance, Fraud Investigation, Cyber Crime Investigation, Litigation Support, Document verification, Mobile spying, Brand & Counterfeit investigation, Background screening, Skip tracing, ‘website reads.