March 9, 2021


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Top Nairobi estates where Kenya’s wealthiest people live

We all want the good things in life; I know I do. The best things, however, don’t come cheap. You have to pour lots of cash just to have the best things in life; like a home.

Living in the best residential estates can boost your social status and of course, your way of living. Again, it doesn’t come cheap so you better work hard for you to get it.

Here is a look at the top luxurious estates in Kenya.


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The estate is home to Muthaiga Golf Club established in 1912.

The estate is known as the home of retired President Mwai Kibaki besides hosting top ambassadorial homes including that of American envoy to Kenya. Here, the air is well regulated by the presence of the nearby Karura Forest, one of the few gazette forests within the city.


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This is yet another affluent neighborhood that was once a coffee plantation once owned by Danish author, Karen Blixen-Finecke also known by her pen name Isak Dinesen. Her best-selling, romantic, mysterious, and exotic book, Out Of Africa, catapulted the once wide open area southwest of Nairobi to global fame.

In its heydays, Karen was characterised by sprawling, colonial type bungalows.


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Bordering Nairobi’s diplomatic zone is Runda, another affluent estate where majority of houses are owner occupied. Lush coffee plantations along Kiambu Road add to the existing greenery around Runda. Here rents range between Sh250,000 to Sh400,000 a month and are usually snapped up by workers of the nearby United Nations office.


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Named after the nearby Getathuru River, the quiet neighbourhood of Kitisuru is yet another gem in Nairobi’s real estate space. Hemmed in by old, indigineous trees, the area teems with who is who in Kenya’s political and corporate world.

Two years ago, Kitisuru caught the national psyche by hosting what was then termed as Kenya’s most expensive home.


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Before high rise apartments came, Lavington, or Lavi, was the place to be. To many, it still is. Much of what we call Lavington was was originally the St Austin’s Mission established by the French Holy Ghost Fathers.

High end mansions that cost no less than Sh50 million still dominate a good portion of Lavington. A town house with five bedrooms will cost you Sh450,000 in rent every month.