March 9, 2021


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Exposed!!! Morkomen Drove Ndindi Nyoro Car to Escape Police Arrest

Its now clear of the tricks that Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro Used to escape police arrest on Sunday at Royal Media during the Kiririmbi Show.

A source who was in the premises state that the MP was first forced to exchange clothes (jacket) and wear a cap to confuse the police who were waiting outside the station.

Then a plot was hatched by news anchors to report that the MP has been located on Thika road Blue Post hotel while this seemed to work his friend who look alike in body size was requested to act like Ndindi and wear his jacket.

“Things were very tough at the station,the shaking MP made numerous calls to the DP who sent his allies to rescue him,then Francis Gachuri,Ken Wakuraya and Kipchumba Morkomen hatched a plan for Ndindi to use an old car belonging to Royal Media employee while Morkomen managed to escape with his in full blast,”He said.

He adds that the police officers followed Morkomen thinking that were after the Ndindi but got shock after realizing that they have been short changed. tried contacting some close employees at royal media who declined to give concrete information about the Nyoro escape

“I think the issue was being televised live but i think we as presenters helped where we could,its every company’s principle to protect its sources or guest and thus for comment kindly contact his lawyer or himself, said one of the employees at Royal media

The MP would later be arrested at Murang’a County during Kameme Tv show hosted by Njogu Wa Njoroge who has faced criticism for allegedly betraying the MP in an hour of need.

A clip circulating online ,Njogu is head laughing the MP arrest adding that he was aware that they would arrest him.

“Ndangirica riu,haha ndangirica,tumanitie nao kuma kenol wee hahaa ndangirica(He cant go anywhere now,he will be arrested, i knew they will arrest him,they have trailed me from Kenol.”) Njogu said.

Kenyans on social media have questioned his morals for laughing off his friend while in danger.

The Mp was arrested and later released without charges.