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Shoprite Outlet Opens Branch in Nyali, Mombasa


South Africa’s Shoprite has opened its third store at City Mall in Nyali, Mombasa; space previously occupied by Nakumatt supermarket which was evicted from the premises in March 2018 over Kshs 27.8 million debt in rent arrears.

The outlet offers a variety of services ranging from food and household requirements, Meat Market, Hot & Cold Foods Deli, Fish Shop, Bakery and Fresh Fruit & Vegetables.

The retailer has two other outlets in Nairobi; one at The Westgate Mall, opened in December 2018, and another at Garden City, opened in March 2019.

Shoprite Opens Its Maiden Outlet in Kenya at Westgate Mall

Shoprite, which also has stores in Uganda and Tanzania, has a fourth outlet scheduled for later in the year at The Karen Waterfront, Nairobi.

Shoprite operates 2,689 outlets in 15 countries across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. It is a public company, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, with secondary listings on both the Namibian and Zambian Stock Exchanges.

Credit: Kenyan Wall Street