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List of Items Moi Will Be Buried With While Facing Sunrise

Its now crystal clear that former president Moi will be buried while facing sunrise as per Kalenjin Traditions.

Kalenjin tradition calls for his head to face the east and the sunrise. Burial would be at night, so he would awaken to the sun.

Kalenjin elders has said that he wont be buried at night due to his Christianity believes.He will be buried at afternoon.

The Star Newspaper has reported that, Kalenjin elders will on  Wednesday next week perform a few cultural norms owing to Moi’s status in the Kalenjin community.

“That means Moi should be buried in the afternoon before sunset. He can’t be buried during the sunrise or the sunset. However, he will be buried in the afternoon,” Kalenjin Council Chairman John Seii told the Star.

File photo- In this Thursday, July 17, 1997 file photo, President of Kenya Daniel arap Moi talks to bystanders in the street outside the President's Office in Nairobi where he stopped briefly to address people.

Moi is expected to be buried with his “Rungu” a baton popularly referred to as Fimbo ya Nyayo.He used it to signify power.

Also he is expected to be buried with a suit and a watch as it has been the norm with other African leaders.

Moi will also be accorded appropriate Civilian and Full Military Honours during his burial on Wednesday at his Kabarak home.

This is follows President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proclamation that the former head of state, who died on Tuesday at the Nairobi Hospital, shall be accorded a State Funeral, with all appropriate civilian and full military honors being rendered and observed.

But unlike the first president Mzee Kenyatta, Moi might receive 19-gun salute and not 21 as his predecessor.

Twenty-one-gun salute is given to heads of state who are the Commanders-in-Chief at the time of their death (die in office).


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