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Unmasking The Military Truck Carrying Moi’s Casket

Kenyans are mourning the second president of Kenya the late Mzee Daniel Toroitich arap Moi who died on 11th February 2020. Since the demise, the funeral arrangements have been taken over by the military as per the state funeral protocols dictates.

The public viewing of the late president’s remains was started yesterday 8th February by the country’s 5th president H.E Uhuru Kenyatta at the Parliament Buildings.

The Military transported the casket ontop of a jungle green open carriage being towed by  a 4 x 4 truck rarely seen by Kenyans. This truck has drawn alot of interest and debate especially among automobile enthusiasts on social media platforms.

Newsline.co.ke editors started on a mission to unmask this truck model at Kahawa Barracks Military training facility where military drivers undergo higher training on handling all the military automobiles.


According to a senior Military official at the facility, the jungle green that transported the Late president remains to the parliament building is commonly known as ACMAT VLRA 4X4 multirole troop carrier.

VLRA 4×4 – TPK 4.20 STL multirole troop carrier is a member of the VLRA family of vehicles produced by Ateliers de Construction Mécanique de l’Atlantique (ACMAT), a subsidiary of Renault Trucks Defence. The vehicle is deployed in reconnaissance, escort and support duties.

VLRA is a tactical all-wheeled vehicle designed for military, security and special forces. It offers high mobility, payload and protection to meet the mission requirements of the military forces. The VLRA family of vehicles are in service with the armed forces of over 50 nations Kenya included.

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