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Laikipia Youths Now Turns to Cherry Tomato Farming Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

If you’re growing tomatoes for the first time, Cherry Tomatoes are good to start with.they are small, usually less than 1” (2.5cm), and grow in large clusters, they are not commonly consumed in Kenya but has a great demand from the Asian and Europeans Countries and this has prompted Youths from Laikipia County to venture into the business.

They are loved as they are generally the best choices for cool, alpine, or short-summer gardens, and small fruit size means they’re more suitable if you’re growing tomatoes in containers.

They tend to have better disease resistance than larger tomato varieties, and they’re more forgiving of drought stress and poor soil.

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According to a report by several agricultural blogs, shown that tomatoes are anti-carcinogenic as they have an abundance of Vitamin C which fights cancer cells. others site credits that they are a rich source of Beta-carotene, Lycopene and Melatonin all of which have anti-carcinogenic effects.

Also, they are believed to boost immunity and act as an antioxidant as they are packed with vitamin C,

“A cherry tomato boosts immunity and acts as an antioxidant. It is also used in beauty care for both skin and hair. The Lycopene in cherry tomato naturally protects the skin from the sun and acts as a sunblock. Those who have oily skin can apply it to the face to prevent acne and pimples, “all that grows online publication.

According to one of the Cherry tomato farmer in Laikipia, Isaiah Mukundi, the farming of the cherry is more profitable if one finds a good link with the oversee market where consumers are many unlike in Kenya.

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He adds that due to its small size, cherry tomatoes contain a lot of nutrients and that why despite its size the Asians and people from Europe are falling in love with day by day.

“I think its high time that our people should start using it, we should stop focusing much on the bigger size of the normal “Nyanya” and explore the benefits of this precious type,” he said adding that no one resists the taste of a sweet and succulent cherry tomato.

He added that It is one of life’s simplest yet delectable pleasures! The higher concentration of natural sugar makes the flavours of cherry tomatoes heavenly.

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He called upon government agricultural training institute to continue developing more types of tomatoes while at the same time carrying out public awareness among farmers.

“My request is very simple, the government through the ministry of Agriculture should put structures to empower every farmer by interlinking them the external market while also set policies that are beneficial,” he said.

He further added that the market is very profitable as it has more users than being used as kitchen spicer as more beauty pharmaceutical companies are extracting skin oils from it and thus creating a diverse market.


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