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Partial Uhuru Kenyatta political Strategy

By Political Analyst Ndung’u Wainaiana

Uhuru Kenyatta is product of despot Daniel Arap Moi political school. Moi had perfected the divide-and-rule tactic of colonial masters in a bid to sustain his rickety leadership, and was known for under-the-table deals with political critics, who would suddenly start praising him from the highest mount they could find.

After 1997 election and upon realizing that Constitution amendment during IPPG blocked him from running again, Moi hatched a plot to succeed himself (self preservation). He decided to lure and court opposition to execute his plan. First, he approached Kijana Wamalwa. For some reason, Moi was not convinced. He decided to settle for Raila Odinga and NDP (National Development Party). For his plot to gain attraction and momentum, Moi had to do some adjustments inside KANU. In 2000 KANU and NDP forces and merger happened.

Mark this: In 1999, Moi appointed Uhuru to chair the Kenya Tourism Board. Moi nominated to Uhuru to Parliament in 2001 after forcing Mark Too to resign. Uhuru was subsequently appointed to the cabinet as Minister for Local Government. He was later elected First Vice Chairman of KANU.

Moi made changes in KANU government to accommodate his newfound love, Raila and NDP. Once in government, Raila and NDP supporters become the not only the prop up on Moi and ruthless enforcers of Moi’s authoritarianism. Democracy and civil liberties suffered. Those who kept democratic and constitutional reforms struggle going facing new energized force combining Moi/Raila thugs with support of state security machinery. In one incidence, me together with NCEC leadership almost died in Kisumu. It was very scary situation. We lived to keep the struggle going and finally new Constitution.

Uhuru, Ruto downplay split claims in Cabinet formation - Daily Nation

In order to cement the Moi/ KANU Raila/NDP merger, on March 18, 2002, KANU delegates’ Conference was convened. It turned into political waterloo. It claimed key political casualties. Moi wittingly said “Every battle is won before it is fought and in this case I want to see a single delegate who will vote himself out of a job”. One casualty, late Joseph Kamotho described events at Kasarani as as kichinjio (slaughterhouse). Raila become KANU Secretary-General.

Uhuru Kenyatta was nominated by Moi as Chairman of KANU and Presidential candidate for 2002, which caused mayhem and outcry in KANU. The fallout led to formation of Rainbow Coalition (LDP) which was mainly for Raila/NDP and key KANU luminaries who Moi shortchanged. This move by Moi to nominate Uhuru was seen as a ploy to install Uhuru as a puppet so that even in retirement, Moi would still rule the country through Uhuru and presumably insulate himself against charges of abuse of office that plagued his presidency.

Moi had 24 years of misrule, economic plundering and poverty. He needed to cover his misdeed and safeguard his protection and shield. Uhuru Kenyatta started with circumventing and disregarding Constitution. He captured and controlled critical institutions of governance. He muzzled and silenced true independent media and civil society. He has systematically been crippling devolution through administrative and finance fiats. He has been securitizing/militarizing governance. Uhuru did weaponization of war corruption for political objective. He has consolidated an administrative-military-intelligence state while devouring political state. He is demobilized and co-opted political opposition. He is fixing special purpose vehicle Jubilee Party. It must not survive. KANU reunion and consolidation is nigh. Demobilized and co-opted Oppostion will be invited to the table to reinforce reimaged KANU. This is Moi play book.

Genesis of looming split: Ruto isolated as rifts widen in Jubilee ...

Uhuru Kenyatta must abandon Jubilee Party and his government. It is damaged good. It is seen profligate spending without results. Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee Government have delivered false promises and worthless projects, mindless economic mismanagement, crippling cost of living and devastating corruption and stealing. Uhuru must do political succession that will secure self preservation and offer protection and shield him like moi did. This is precisely what is happening at the State House political waterloo. Unfortunately, gullible Kenyans are cheering on.

Never join political chorus without understanding the song and composer. You might be rehearsing your own burial hymn. Kenyans, I forwarn you, don’t join Jubilee Party and Uhuru Kenyatta government political warfare blindly. You don’t have your dog. Defend Constitution, democracy and devolution. It is your only saviour.

The devastating Covid19 health and economic fallout is the excuse and cover. Uhuru Kenyatta is applying a simple maxim ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’. Authoritarians are taking advantage of Covid19 for power grab. Uhuru Kenyatta is not exceptional. Like Moi did with Raila/NDP, Uhuru will form National Unity Government, no need for Constitution amendment. Unity Government will enable Uhuru to finish his term and manage his succession.

Uhuru, Ruto catfight is far from over

Uhuru’s National unity government will carry the burden of resuscitating dying economy and shield him from taking political accountability and responsibility for the economic mess and unsustainable debt baggage. IMF and Moody have already categorized Kenya’s economy as high financial risk and negative rating respectively due to debt and reduced revenue.

Uhuru will restructure and reconfigure cabinet to reflect his personal and political objective. 2017 NASA government structure proposal reflected constitution imperative of inclusion and equality. Uhuru has his 2022 presidential candidate. It not what many Kenyans are senseless fighting each other over. Uhuru succession will like Moi have significant political casualties.

Uhuru Kenyatta you are monstrous failure. You cannot shape Kenya political future destiny. Finish and Go!!

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