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Why Aden Duale Has the Confidence of the President and That of Kenyans

By;Hon. Abdirahman Mohammed Ali 

I am disappointed by the move hatched by a section of Members of Parliament to eject Majority Leader Adan Duale. I don’t like the idea for a number of reasons; foremost being Loyalty. Adan Duale, people need to be reminded has been the most loyal member of the Jubilee party besides being the most effective.

He has been enthusiastic pushing Jubilee agenda through parliament even in the face of resentment. In his words, repeated since 2014, he has lived with the mantra: I can take the bullet for the president.

In a move fixed by his political nemesis, Hon. Duale was expected to have been removed on June 2 during Jubilee Coalition Parliamentary Group meeting- that never came to be because the president in his own wisdom, appreciating the critical role Duale has played with success, saw it fit to keep Adan in his position.

Secret talks between Uhuru and DP Ruto saved Aden Duale
National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale in a past event

I find the reasons and the move by some MPs to turn round and collect signatures to remove Duale as an affront to democracy and betrayal to the people of Northern Kenya whom Duale represents considering that the region has been bypassed on many occasions.

In my perceived opinion Hon. Duale should be accorded time and support to help the president deliver on his legacy projects including Agenda 4. He must be given the chance to continue because he has exhibited that skills and ability to make things work.

The party has a moment in history to demonstrate to Kenyans that is a party built on principles of democracy that allows each time and space to exercise their role. Backdoor games and baseless reasons must not be accepted. Jubilee MPs and coalition members must support Duale because he has the confidence of the president and that of Kenyans.

Opinion by
Hon. Abdirahman Mohammed Ali
Thur 4, June 2020

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