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What is it in Lemon Leaves that everyone is Looking For? The Demand is Shooting Very High

The demand for lemon leaves is skyrocketing at a very high rate as people believe that they contain some medicinal value that can help to treat certain diseases.

Its believed that the lemon leaves are sedative and antispasmodic in nature and they can be used to treat nerve disorder like insomnia, nervousness and palpitation.

Several google search health engines such as specialtyproduce.com state that to treat these disorders, soak five to seven lemon leaves in a cup of hot water for about 15 minutes and take this infusion two times daily.

What Are Makrut Lime Leaves and How Are They Used?

the leaves have traditionally being used to de-worm and its mostly used at night for a period of about one week and stomach problem will no longer disturb you.

For migraine headache and asthma, soak two handfuls [a handful is the amount of dried or fresh lemon leaves you can hold within your fist] of fresh lemon leaves in one bottle (beer bottle) of hot water. Allow it infuse for 10 minutes.Drink two cups every night for two weeks. This applies more particular to asthma patients.

Health benefits of orange-lemon leaves

When mixed with the lemon, they can make a lemon soda as the flavour is s exciting too while also it’s herbal and inhaling it can cure some diseases.

The speciality produce sites also indicate that lemon leaves can be used to wrap around seafood and meats and can be roasted, steamed or grilled.

They can also be used to flavour Kabobs, used in curries while also it can be used to garnish for desserts such as lemon cakes.

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