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How Ajabu Animal Feeds in Kiambu has Revolutionized Dairy Industry

Mr Waweru Njenga is the Proud owner of a fastgrowing animal feed milling business dubbed Ajabu Animal Feeds based in Kiambu County near Kamiti corner.

When the Newsline team arrived in his company, we found him busy among other staffs making animal feeds at their factory.

As one of the leading animals feeds Manufacturers in Kenya today, Ajabu Animal Feeds Ltd was established with the main aim of providing comprehensive solutions to Animal health, Quantity and Quality output.

Sample products of Ajabu Animal Feed in Kiambu County

To make the feeds, Ajabu the company uses ingredients such as maize germ, wheat pollard, soya beans and omena.

They also source sunflower and cottonseed cake from Tanzania and Uganda where Mr Njenga states that they are relatively affordable compared to Kenya.

During an interview, he states that the journey hasn’t been very easy as they have faced numerous challenges as it one the point, he was forced to quit the business due to lack of capital and the labour was very intensive as by then they would use the manual mixer.

To what he started in a small room in his home compound, has now transformed into multi mega venture producing numerous the product which includes Ajabu Dairy Meal – Packed in 5kgs, 10Kgs, 20Kgs, 50Kgs and 70Kgs Bags, Ajabu High Yield Packed in 20Kgs, 50Kgs and 70Kgs Bags, Ajabu Maize-Germ Packed in 50Kgs Bags, Ajabu Pollard packed in 50Kgs Bags and Ajabu Wheat Bran – Packed in 40kgs, 45kgs and 50Kgs bags.

The company also produces, salts and feed supplements that range from Ajabu Maziwa Packed in 1Kg, 2 Kgs, 5kgs, 10Kgs and 20Kgs Packs, Ajabu Joto – Packed in 1Kg and 2 Kgs Packs, Ajabu Dry Cow Packed in 1Kg and 2 Kgs Packs among others.

Mr Njenga – Founder of Ajabu Animal Feeds Limited.

He adds that Ajabu animal feeds is specially formulated to meet the optimum nutrient requirements to boost milk production for dairy cows.

It provides the cow with vitamins, energy and protein in a balanced way, so that the cow produces good milk and keeps a healthy body weight.

On Feed Supplements, they have Soya, Fish meal, Molasses, Cotton Seed, Hay and Sunflower.

Ajabu Animal Feed mineral products

“We also produce, Ajabu Chick Mash, Ajabu Layers Mash, Ajabu Growers, Ajabu Kienyenji Mash, Ajabu Broiler Starter and Ajabu Broiler Finisher, “he said adding they also have Ajabu Sow & Weaner Packed in 50Kgs and 70Kgs Bags, Ajabu Pig Grower Packed in 50Kgs and 70Kgs Bags as well as Ajabu Pig Finisher – Packed in 50Kgs and 70Kgs Bags · Ajabu Pig Pellets, “He said.

Mr Njenga states that the initial production started in 2018 with only 500 kilograms per day but quit after facing an uphill task but came back strong ready to face the challenge.

Despite the challenge, Mr Njenga today, he has carved a niche in the feeds business and is making it big with over 6 tonnes per day compared to the initial 500 kg per day.

Ajabu Animal Feeds Factory in Kiambu County

“To start an animal feeds processing enterprise, you need a permit from the county government as well as National Environment Management Authority, public health and Kenya Bureau of Standards certification,” he states.

He adds that the company is ready for the leading Animal Health & Feeds solutions provider by maintaining high-quality products and ensuring the safety of livestock for wealth maximization and sustainable development in Kenya and Africa at large.

“We strive at becoming an excellent company in both quality and quantity by providing solutions designed to help clients achieve high output through professional advice and efficient services, “he said.

Ajabu Animal Feed mineral products

He further regrets that many of the small scale producers are not able to invest in high-level analysis and quality assurance systems, compared to the big operators who continue to dominate the market.

“Due to the geographical distribution of manufactures and users, the feed quality is further compromised by long supply chains, inadequate transport and storage practices, “he said.

“It has not been a walk in the park. It has taken a lot of hard work, resilience and determination to put up this establishment. This is a very competitive industry but what has helped me is that I am a keen observer,” he says.

He states that one of the major challenges entrepreneurs in the animal feeds industry face is lack of capital for expansion, he says.

He is also concerned that interest rate caps introduced by the government have led to capital flight from small enterprises like his.

Sample products of Ajabu Animal Feed in Kiambu County

In an expansion strategy, Mr Njenga adds that they are relocating to a new multi-million production the factory in Githiga where they will triple the production in line with their vision.

Kenya’s livestock sector is primed to grow exponentially over the next three decades and anchor the country’s food sufficiency amid a rapid rise in the human population, a new survey showed.

Mr Njenga – Founder of Ajabu Animal Feeds Limited.

The FAO estimated that by 2050 the cattle population in Kenya will have increased by 90 per cent while milk and beef production will rise to 17,000 tonnes and 2,000 tonnes, respectively.

“GDP (gross domestic product) per capita is projected to increase by over 140 per cent by 2050,” UN agency Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said in a report after a study in 21 counties.


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