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How to Build Luxury Modern Three Bedroom House with Ksh350,000

Everyone dreams of having a better house in his or her future life. In our day to day livelihood, we come across several varieties of houses. We see great houses that we just admire but of course, some of us literally can’t afford it. This is basically because of our financial status. Some of us do earn minimally and thus, raising such an amount gets hard due to our attitude.

Now, as I said, most people would think they can’t afford it. Not because they can’t really do it but because their attitude hinders them from their destiny. This is actually what kills most of us. There do exist people who lie within the same financial bracket with us but still manage it. These are the low earners. The people doing less than 30 thousand a month roughly around 300 dollars. Let me illustrate how easy those who afford to build with such income make it in life.

Of course, most of us build houses before we build families. Due to this, our monthly expenditure is below 50 dollars. This is equal to 5 thousand. If you subtract 5,000 from 30,000 you get 25,000.


Now, all these 25,000 goes to the savings account. If this happens for a year a good amount is accumulated. Let’s see it.

A year has 12 months, let’s see the total accumulated in just a single year.


Imagine all this money in just a single year. Though anyone not serious may find it a bit hard. You only need just about more 100,000 to achieve your mission. Most of such houses may go up to 400,000 due to availability of some materials in our local areas. That is trees for frames, sand, stones, and bricks. This minimizes in general expenses faced.

I’m actually a living witness who built such a house. It ran up to 385 thousand to built it. The other internal design comes latter. Here you should contact an experienced quantity surveyor to give you the approximate figures.

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