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What MP Johana Ng’eno Did While in Court,Will He be Jailed?

Emurut Dikirir member of Parliament Mr. Johanna Ngeno was taken in court today after the office of the DPP revealed that he will be charged with incitement.

During the court proceedings, a Jubilant Ngeno seemed to be making a mockery of the court’s poor facilities and infrastructure which kept interrupting the case. Ngeno was even caught whispering on the same leading to the judge to order his lawyer that he was risking leaving his client without bail.

Mr. Ngeno was arrested yesterday in Trans Mara after he was reported to have used a language that could elicit ethnicity clashes in the country.

“Na hio msitu ya Mau, Mimi nitasema na nitazidi kusema Kila wakati, msitu ya Mau, ninety-five percent of the Mau forest Iko kwa shamba ya wakalenjin, hio yenye iko Narok.  Olposimoru is only five percent of the Mau, so ninety-five percent is in Kalenjin land, eighty percent is in kipsigis and you name them all the blocks yenye iko Mau is in our land.” Ngeno is reported to have said this.

The Nakuru senior magistrate then Warned Ngeno that if found guilty of the said statements during today’s court then he could be jailed for six months as disobedience to the court or a hefty fine. If Ngeno is found guilty then it could mean he will face jail term thus losing his Parliamentary seat according to the constitution.


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