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Why DR Alfred Mutua Presidential Bid Should Inspire Youths

These days, whenever I take time on social media, I realize that majority of young people have become hopeless, bitter and at the same time, sadists.

This situation is somehow understandable considering that majority of them are jobless in an economy that gives them no hope.

As a consequence, these youths believe that their plight has been contributed by leaders who have not created opportunities for them to exploit. This is justified to some extent.

News 9 Kenya : My life in danger: Details of Governor Alfred Mutua death  threats by DP William Ruto

We are seeing rebellion from the masses when prominent leaders post anything on social media.

Personally, I hate hopelessness. In 2007 when I was young and green; straight from high school, I met Prof Marshall Burns who had attended World Economic Forum held in January of that year.

Dr Marshall was on cultural and political exploration journey. He requested me to be his PA in his entire stay here in Kenya – something I accepted.

Dr Marshall is a leading physicist and technology guru. He narrated to me how his technology ideas shaped IBM to develop desktop computers in 1970’s/1980’s.

Alfred Mutua Criticises Uhuru's Ksh10B Kazi Mtaani Project - Kenyans.co.ke

He formed a fabrication firm that young while living in a single room. He used to do door to door marketing. Later, the firm would grow to become a leading global brand!

I can draw a parallel between Dr Alfred Mutua and Dr Marshall Burns early lives.

Dr Marshall grew up in Canada as a son of immigrant parents who were Holocaust survivors and had fled Israel during the first world War.

Growing up as a child of immigrant parents, Dr Marshall faced a host of many problems and at the same time; a hopeless world. His parents couldn’t afford him the basics of life we take for granted.

For me to become President, alliances have to be made — Governor Mutua

After finishing high school, Dr Marshall secured an undergraduate scholarship in the US – but he would never return back to Canada again.

In the US, he was armed with only his brains/education, but from such a humble beginning, he developed global brands.

Similarly, his Excellency Dr Alfred Mutua initially encountered so many challenges – sleeping without food, dropping out of school at 15 in form two, hawking water, staying in a low life neighborhood infested with rats and flying toilets.

Like Dr Marshall, H.E Mutua would secure an undergraduate scholarship to study abroad and he would later establish his firm at age 19 and would go on to secure international consultancy jobs!

Governor Alfred Mutua breathing fire following orders to arrest him –  Nairobi News

Dr Mutua would come back to Kenya to start the first office of government spokesman. Against all odds, Dr Mutua would become a two term governor who promised to take us to the Sun, but due to resource constraints, at least delivered us to the moon.

As it can be seen, both Dr Marshall and Dr Mutua seem to have gone through similar life trajectories.

Their stories should inspire confidence to our youths.

Let’s not keep on complaining about the world around us. Let’s make our world better as we improve our lives.

Mixed Reactions as Alfred Mutua Delivers Address in 10 Languages [VIDEO] -  Kenyans.co.ke

Let’s not keep complaining that “I am destitute because leader so and so hasn’t delivered this and that”

Alas, let’s first create these opportunities for ourselves and for others.

I have come to be a Dr Alfred Mutua follower because his life has inspired me.

Shah Kioko Kitusa
NYC youth leader and blogger

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