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Audiomack Reiterates Its Commitment To Moving Kenyan Music Forward


Music streaming platform, Audio Mack has reiterated its commitment to the East African region by strengthening its presence in Kenya.

The service which is already available in all 54 countries on the continent is the No. 1 free music app on Apple’s App Store in Kenya. By providing a global platform for music sharing and listening, Audio Mack /.grants millions of Kenyans access to the latest and hottest music across the continent and beyond.

Audiomack remains at the forefront of African music by curating and showcasing the continent’s best talents on a global platform and with its commitment to the Afrobeats scene, the company aims to pioneer and pave the way for the genre as a centerpiece in the global music industry.

Commenting on the company’s presence and plans for the region, Charlotte Bwana, Head of Business Development and Media Partnerships said, “Kenya is a significant market for Audiomack as we have identified a huge opportunity for growth and adoption by a higher percentage of the population. So far, we have done a good job spreading Kenyan music on and beyond the continent.

“Our vision for the Kenyan music industry is to tell its stories by amplifying the voices of the region’s creatives. We aim to put more Kenyan artists and music on a global platform to showcase what the country has to offer to the rest of the world via music.

Through our forward-thinking initiatives, we are gradually working towards bringing this vision to life”, said Charlotte Bwana.

Audiomack aims to democratize music streaming by providing accessibility for all and since its expansion into the African region, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to accelerating the music industry by investing capital and knowledge resources into the continent’s culture and communities.



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